Screen Orientation on Sansa Converter

Is there a way to alter the screen orientation of videos with Sansa Media Converter? The MOV videos that played on my old e280 won’t play on my new (Ver. 2) e280. But when I try to “convert” them to the new format, I get what’s shown below. Yes, I’ve used Any Video Converter to convert them to AVI, but my new e200 won’t display them. I get a message saying “Please use Sansa Media Converter to convert this image.”

So far I’ve been frustrated. There don’t seem to be any controls on either conversion software to fix my problem.

Also, why should my Sansa e280 care if I use their converter or not? Why doesn’t it just play?


The image on the left is what I’m getting by using Sansa’s converter. The

image on the right is what I’m trying to get. Alas, my e280 only wants to

display videos converted on its software.

Windows movie maker can rotate videos-

drag your clip onto the bottom.
Right click on the clip and choose “effects” and “Rotate” the appropriate amount.

Then click “File” and “publish”.

this will rotate your clip and save it as a new one- then try putting it through SMC again?!?

Good luck- what a weird problem.

Thanks for this, i also have this problem with my sansa e280v2. But the windows movie maker doesnt work for me, it doesnt support the .mov files (how do you change the file names? is there a way? HELP PLEASE) so im still stuck aha. any further suggestions? thanks :slight_smile:



You could try and drop the videos into any video converter ( has a FREE version!!)

THEN put them through windows movie maker

THEN use Sansa media converter (SMC).

(Or find the original clips and convert them with movie maker then SMC…)

I dropped a .mov into AVC and it started converting- sorry I don’t have a v2 to test the rest of that…

Good luck!

Oh and you can’t just change filenames and hope a file will act like another ‘type’ of file (usually. :smileyvery-happy: )

Each filetype is a totally different ‘format’- like putting a dvd into a vcr or slicing a record to the same size as a DVD and putting it into a dvd player. Or popping a cassette tape into a vcr, even though they work the same (sorta) etc…

(I could go on with more but I’m sure you get the idea. :wink: )