screen offset not 0,0 ?

I’ve had my clip+ for a couple of days now. Today I noticed that the screen is a little off to the right. The tiny scrollbar you get is closed off at the top, but open at the bottom. Also, part of the screen disappears behind the black non-transparant part of the plastic cover. It looks to me like the offset of the pixels is not 0,0 but shifted a little to the right. Any ideas on what this might be? Do all clips have this? Is it software or hardware related? And… can I fix it? It’s kinda annoying, to be honest ^^

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No, it’s not common, but I’ve heard of it before. If I remember correctly, it’s the OLED screen that’s offset within the unit. No, there’s nothing you can (or probably want to) do to correct it, short of getting it replaced under SanDisk’s warranty.

Or, if you purchased nearby or through a seller covering shipping, return to the seller and get a new one hopefully without the manufacturing glitch.

Thanks! And ■■■■■… time to figure out ye olde warranty policies…

SanDisk is very easy to work with over the phone, as to warranty replacements.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:  International Phone Numbers | Western Digital.