Screen Issues

I was syncing my Sansa Express with my computer.  When I finished, I unplugged it.  After that point, all the letters on the screen is mixed up.  There are missing letters and everything is shifted to the left.  I can’t seem to reset it in any way.  I tried a Hard Reset, and all I can see is that none of the data is still on there, but all the lettering and menus are mixed up.

Any thoughts?



And now it won’t even charge…when I try to power it on, I just get the SanDisk logo…then it goes blank. 

Wow…18 views and nobody has any replies??



You didn’t mention if you clicked the remove device safely icon before pulling the unit.  Try using an sd card to boot the unit, and possibly reflash the firmware if it will recognize.

I didn’t click the safely remove thingy…maybe that did it.  I don’t have an SD card that fits it.  Luckily, FutureShop will exchange it no questions asked…doing that today.