Screen is black

My screen is black the player is still working, I think it may be my brightness setting but with the screen being black I cannot see to get to the settings is there someone who could walk me thru to get to the settings to adjust the brightness? Or is there something else that could be wrong besides that, even tho the blue circle lights up and the player works?

Try holding the on switch in the up position for 10-15 seconds, and that will re-set the settings to the default (I believe)–you should be able to see things then.

i tried that and my sceen still is black

I highly doubt you can fix this but here is a way to walk thru

Plays some music and power off next power on and press the menu button  (you will be at the Music level)

 Press up arrow once  (Settings level)

press center button  (Display)

Press center button again  (Backlight)

Press Down arrow (Brightness)

press center button  (Brightness slider)

Press right arrow multiple times to raise brightness to max.

press center button (Confirm)

Press up arrow (Yes)

Press center button  (Confirmed)

 If this does not get your screen back,  its possibly damaged and should be returned.