Screen has horizontal lines when player not warmed up

I received a Fuze 8GB for Christmas this year. It seemed to play fine when I first charged it up all the way and added music. After going to my grandparents, which is a 30 minute car trip, I noticed that if the player gets the least bit cold it either won’t turn on at all, I get a plain white screen, or I get the home screen but it is full of horizontal lines and completely unreadable. If I briskly rub it in my hands to warm it up it will play fine. The actual playing of my music isn’t affected but seeing that I am unable to read the screen it is pretty difficult to find my music…lol. I have called tech support and they have had me update the firmware, reset the player, and format the player but nothing has helped so far. The last thing tech support told me to do (after the 3rd phone call) was to take photos of the screen and send them to tech support via email. Has anyone else had a problem with this and if so was it able to be corrected and how? I would really like to be able to have this fixed without having to send it back and go a few weeks without my player. My mom says it seems like it doesn’t seem to be insulated properly or something. Since I live outside Buffalo NY it is pretty important that my player be able to work in cooler weather. My sister and brother both have players made by other companies and neither one of them have any trouble using their players outside while walking to school or a friends house.


Sorry so long.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

While not in Buffalo, I am down on LI which gets pretty cold as well - just not as much snow… I leave my Fuze in the car at all times unless I need to add/remove content from it, and can tell you that I have started the thing up after it has been sitting in 15 degree cold for hours and never experienced any of the issues you speak of.  Sounds like you have a defective player.

I was recently in Northern Canada and had my fuze in my pocket while I went for my morning Jog. (This was stupid to do anyhow it was like -20 before wind chill) I did not use the fuze because my friend went with me and I didnt want to be rude. When I got home I pulled my fuze out and turned it on, to check it (My first Connect was ruined by similar cold) and it worked fine. I would agree that you have a defective player.