Screen goes blank when navigating menus

Bought this today!  **Newbee Alert!**  :smiley:

After fully charging my Clip+ (4G V:01.01.05), I scroll through a menu and after about five keystrokes, the screen goes blank.

I found that if I hold the ON button for the required 15-20 seconds and turn the Clip+ back on, I get about 10 to 12 keystrokes until it goes blank again.  I let it sit for a minute and hit the Home button and the screen comes back on…only to go blank after fewer and fewer keystrokes.  The 'hold theON button for 15 seconds buys me a dozen more keystrokes when I turn it back on.

I managed to get the FM radio playing, so I determined that despite the blank screen, the Clip+ is still working…playing the radio.  I can scan the radio from one end of the band to the other and the screen stays on.  But the moment I hit the Home button, select SETTINGS, and a couple of the submenus, it goes blank again.

I plugged it into my PC with the SanDisk Update Software running, and the Update Software says there “No Updates Available.”  It shows 4GB and V. 01.01.05 on the PC screen, so I know it’s recognizing the player.

Anyone experience this bug?  :cry:

Thanks!  :wink: 

I wonder if you have a defective player.  You may want to contact SanDisk.

In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

Thanks for the tip Miikerman.  I’ll give them a call.

As I continued to noodle around with this Chip+, I managed to get to the BRIGHTNESS Setting before the screen when blank.  I turned the Brightness all the way down,and that appears to be a workaround.  The screen doesn’t go blank now (yet).

This leads me to believe that the Clip+ ‘brain’ wants to close the screen when it thinks the battery is going to be drained.  Sort of like the 5-second screen-saver when you’re listening to music.  Maybe it’s a SNAFU in my player, as you suggest.

Thanks again for the tip.  I’ll post any Sansa answers here. :wink: 

Do you like lemonade?

Sounds like you might have picked up the main ingredient.

:smileyvery-happy: LOL Tapeworm…looks like I got squeezed.

Back to RadioShack for a swap.  :wink:

I think that’s a good way to go–should be fast and easy.