Screen frozen on home page

I searched through the descriptive threads and other threads and couldn’t find an explanation of how to fix this, but here is my situation:

(Operating system: Windows XP )

These all happened about a week ago:

I turned on my Fuze, and it froze on the image of viewing the song  view, and I did not know of the soft reboot function at the time.  I let it die, and charged it up, but it was still frozen.  When I plugged it in, it was not recognized yet there was no “USB Not Recognized” message, yet it still charged.

After that, I looked at solutions to the problem.  I attempted soft reboot (maybe it’s called soft shutdown?, something of the sort) which did not work.

I learned that I may need new firmware, and had not ever before downloaded any firmware or firmware downloading resources (did not know it was pertinent).  I attempted to get the software to download the firmware system, but could not becuase the Fuze is not being recognized by computers.

I tried on multiple computers, and there was no “USB not recognized” message and the item was not officially recognized by the computer.

I assumed the next step may be to uninstal and reinstal the player, but wanted to check what my next step should be here first.


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A format of the device’s memory will probably do the trick. Be forewarned though, that this will erase all your music, videos, photos, etc. You’ll have to re-load the content afterward.

You can do this in Windows by right-clicking on the device provided it is in MSC mode. If it was in MTP mode when it froze up on you, you can force MSC. Use the search function; it’s been described numerous times here.

If your Fuze is larger than 2GB, have Windows format it as FAT32. Once this ‘clears its throat’, you may want to format it again using the on-board function in the Settings menu on the player itself to optimize the memory and cluster allocation before starting the arduous task of transferring all your music back onto it.

How do I reformat that?  Which type of item to I right click on: the plugged-in device showing in My Computer when it is plugged in (which it does not show in)

or do i right click the downloaded software, or something of the sort?

Tapeworm wrote:



You can do this in Windows by right-clicking on the device (ie. your Fuze connected to your computer)provided it is in MSC mode. If it was in MTP mode when it froze up on you, you can force MSC. Use the searchfunction; it’s been described numerous times here.


I did this, but it still doesn’t show up in My Computer.

I’m soft-shutting off it so that it’s off, then putting it on hold, and holding the left button before I connect it to the computer and while it is being connected.

Is it a long period of time that i have to hold that button even after i plug it in?  I’ve held it for at least 15 seconds on some tries.

just to clarify, it is a 4GB Fuze.

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It appears “home screen” may mean something other than what I assumed.  It’s freezing up on the start-up page with the four rotated multi-colored house-like figures and the black background.

Nothing on this page has worked thusfar.

Try holding the center button.

The sequence is:

With the unit off, put on Hold (slide the power switch down). 

Hold down the center button.

Connect (via the cord) with your computer while holding down the center button. That should go into MSC. Then see if you can see it in Windows Explorer. Get your files off it if you need to, and Format to FAT32 with Windows. Cures a lot of problems, but erases your files. 

By referring to Explorer, you mean My computer right?

I’ve tried it quite a few times, but unfortunately it hasn’t shown up.

Eureka. It worked this time. Was just barely not holding it down long enough >.> lol

thank you.

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