Screen Frozen at Startup - PC wont recognise device

OK I have recently managed to get my paws on a Sansa Fuse 8GB - but I just cannot get it to work.  When I switch it on it comes as far as the startup screen, then just hangs and wont go any further.  I have read through the forums etc as much as I can to try and find a solution, but nothing I have found will work.  Part of the problem is that not only will it not go past the startup screen, but I am unable to install anything on the device as any PC or laptop I attach to does not recognise the device.

I have been tearing my hair our trying to get the thing to work.  Has anyone come across this before, or have any suggestions on how to resolve?  I’ve tried turning it off, flicking it to hold, then connecting to PC while holding home key or rewind key as I have seen suggested on here.  Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the soft reset?  Holding the power switch up for 15-30 seconds?  Sometimes it takes several tries before it’ll reset or holding the switch up for a longer amount of time.

Hi Mags

Thanks for you response.  Have tried that on numerous occasions - probably 20 or 30 times now - to no avail.

If nothing works to get it working again, you have a one year warranty and sandisk has great customer support.  Sandisk contact numbers.   I recommend calling them since they’re upgrading their system and a user posted that there is no longer a link to an ebox right now.  That’s normally how sandisk sends you a RMA number.