Screen Freezes wherever I disconnect USB

@twilighten wrote:
how do i do a FAT16 format? I’m so confused.

Hey Twilight,  you responded to a year old thread.      To format FAT32 from the clip.   goto Settings >> Format >> yes  (this erases the memory on the clip), you can reload your music after its done.

Another way is while its connected to a Windows PC, is open up the Sansas Clip in windows Explorer, right click “internal Memory” and select Format. (if its in MTP usb mode),    or right click on   “Sansa Clip” Removable drive and select format if its in MSC mode.

Ask more questions if your still confused.


I’m having the same problem, but haven’t been able to format through windows explorer, or through the cmd prompt.  I do have the option, but it fails right at the end of the format.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.