Screen format

Have just acquired an Ultra Fit USB 3.0 128 GB drive and although it seems to be functioning OK re file management I am not happy with the text and icon size options on the front screen.Some fonts eg “My Computer” are minute and some wording is compressed and only partially legible.

I am using an Asus UX330UA laptop with a 3200 by 1800 display.

a flash drive does not ahve anything to do with the screen resolution or size of windows and font on your computer. 

here is some info on how to change icon size or you can adjust your resoluition lower to ioncrease the size of the windows and fonts. 

drlucky - Thanks for the prompt response.

I am well aware how to adjust screen resolution and icon views and already have my laptop set up just how I like it for all other purposes. However, the SanDisk file management screen has a very peculiar appearance with fonts ranging from small to barely legible. I was trying to understand whether this is normal or if there is something about the setup of my laptop that is leading to this effect.

Sandisk Drives don’t have a file management screen.  Are you referring to the SecureAccess screen per chance?


apparently yes. Being new to this SanDisk, I was simply referring to the screen by function - file management - but note that it enjoys the title SanDisk SecureAccessTM V3.0.

Regardless of its name, my issue is with the font size and general layout. I attach an image of a section of this screen which I hope illustrates my point. Image quality is limited but should be clear enough.

this is secureaccess. it is a password and encryption application. it does not have to be used. If you do not need password protection you can simply use the drive like any normal drive by using windows explorer to browse the files. To copy data simple drag and drop or copy paste works. 

For the secureaccess window. there is no settings that will change the icon size. that said there are several different ways to get files into secure access. you can simply drag and drop files to the area above that called my vault and it will import the file. or you can use the file menu and select add files.