Screen crashed, Please help.

Hello everyone,

I find that my 4GB fuze got a serious problem, it is the screen.

Sometimes the whole display is white in color and i cannot see anything, and sometimes it displays choas, i can see color but i cannot control my fuze as the totally crashed display. I don’t think it is cause by hight temp, because it is cold there and it usually happened when it started.

Hope you can help.


My screen went white today after I left it charging.  Have you tried resetting it?  Hold the on button up and slowly count to 15.  It should reset after 15 seconds.  If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to tell you.  Good luck.

Thank’s for answering, i have tried to hold the on button for more than 10 sec many times, and it seems the same. I really don’t know what can do now.

This is a problem that people have been having for months. If resetting doesnt work, then you should call tech support and see if they have any suggestions.