Screen became dimmer then unit died

The screen on my Sansa Clip Zip began to get a redish shading at one corner, which over a number of days, spread across the whole screen, as the screen got dimmer and dimmer until nothing was visible. The unit continued to take a charge and play, but nohing was visible on the screen . Then the unit just died and my PC would no longer recognize it, when I plugged it in. The unit was 1 1/2 months old when the problem started! Before this I  was very happy with the product.

Contact Sandisk for instructions on how to send it to them so you can get a replacement.

And how long have you let it go on like this? Is it still under warranty (US - 1 yr, EU - 2 yr.)?

2 months. Contacted them, got the RME and sent it back.