Screen (artwork/volume bar/playing screen) corruption!


I ran into really weird problem. I am experiencing strange screen corruption and its REALLY weird, because there was nothing like this until 01.02.26 and I seem to be the only one having such a problem.

This corruption appears in album artwork (only in playing screen). The artworks seems to be ok, but it has some black scratches and corrupted pixels on it (always just above the middle of the picture on the right side!). Sometimes volume bar disappears after volume is changed (it happens very rarely). Corruption even happens when there is no artwork (when default artwork picture is shown) 

Now, there is something even more strange :). I have rockbox installed, but corruption appears in rockbox as well. This time album artwork has no strange things on it, but there is HUGE (3-4 pixels x 220pixels) black stripe with some colorful snow on it. It appears on background only (only in playing screen) and it is in the very same place where corruption was in OF. Should i change the theme, the corruption disappears until next song :(. Oh, btw, monochrome playing backgrounds are not corrupted. No menus or anything else are corrupted in both rockbox and OF.

Is there any way to downgrade my sw version to 01.02.22 or fix it somehow?
Are the any other people having something like this?

Oh, yes, I have black 4g FUZE

Sorry for my English. I appreciate any help available. 

This happens to me and many others. It’s a glitch in the firmware, I’m pretty sure. I know nothing about Rockbox, so I can’t help you there. Downgrading to 01.01.22, I can help you there. Here’s a link to the firmware page. You will have to install it manually. Read the first post. It shows you how to do that. I myself have been debating whether I should do that or not.

Good luck!