Schronize to continue subscription?

While using my player at work I have begun to experience this message after a long continued usage “schronize to continue subscription”.  I am not really sure why.  When this happens I have no access to my songs and have to use the FM tuner if I wish to continue to listen.  When I bring it home to charge and it has logged into the Rhapsody site, you can disconnect it and it works just fine.  Why am I getting this message?  AAARRRGGGHHH

Rhapsody licenses will expire generally monthly.

By connecting to Rhapsody the licenses are refreshed.

This is the nature of subscription services.  If you pay your monthly fee,  you can keep playing the content.

Somtimes there is a license that may expire early, It seems that connecting to the service should always renew the license properly,  but in some cases it might expire early.