ScanDisk Extreme 500 How to recover delete data from SecureAccess?? Please Help

I am using extreme 500 ssd.

I have used SecureAccess V3.0 I had one folder in protected files, I went on my acc. at Microsoft OneDrive, login to my SecureAccess and drag a file folder to OneDrive directly…then what hapend is that OneDrive did not start uploading file automaticly, and file has been lost from my ScureAccess…

All files which I need for my work are gone. This is very urgent and important for me… Is there any way to return that folder which was in SecureAccess?

I used Aidfile recovery system and he return me a lot of files which Iv been transfer, but in SecureAccess there is nothing…

 I didnt do Backup data, so I can not restore anything…

Please, Please Help 


If you had the files encrypted the data may not be recoverable. You can try running data recovery applications. I use one called recuva which is pretty good. If that does not help the data may not be recoverable since it was encrypted. 

Have u Got fixed ur prob….!!!

have u got the solution….!!!