SBCGlobal Email Not Working In Outlook? Try these fixes

5 ways to fix when SBCGlobal email not working in Outlook | 1 (844) 604 3244

In this modern and professional world where work can’t be done without emails, SBCGlobal’s email came up as a blessing. Emailing is said to be the most traditional and official way of communication. Outlook is also a very known email service. One more plus point of outlook account is you can configure other email accounts as well. The trouble of work-life begins when your emailing service stops. People may encounter issues where SBCGlobal email stops receiving email in outlook app. There are various reasons why SBCGlobal email not working in Outlook. Some problems are unsolved, or can’t be handled by our end, for that you can get help from SBCGlobal email support team at 1-844-604-3244.

Why Is My SBCGlobal Email Not Working In Outlook

Facing issues in an email account is not a big deal. Where the technology comes, it become common to face some technical glitches/ issues. Although this issues can be prevented by taking proper precautions in future.

So, here is the list of possible reasons due to why you may encounter SBCGlobal email not working with Microsoft Outlook app;

  • Internet Connectivity Issue
  • Login Issue
  • Password Related Problems
  • Forgot credentials Problems
  • Hacked SBCGlobal Email Account
  • Inappropriate browser settings
  • Anti-Virus interruption
  • SBCGlobal server is down
  • Outdated browse
  • Wrong configuration settings in outlook app.

How to Fix It When SBCGlobal Email Not Working In Outlook

After having a clear understanding of the possible reasons behind this issue, now let’s simply jump into the troubleshooting solutions that you can perform to easily resolve SBCGlobal email not working issue with MS Outlook problem.

  • Verify the Configuration Settings

The first solution that we recommend you in order to resolve SBCGlobal not working on outlook issue is to verify the configuration settings. To do so, given below are the steps that you can execute;

    • Open Outlook>File Add Acount>Manual Setup or Additional Server Types>POP or IMAP.
    • Now you have to add your credentials and choose the account type.
    • If you have opted for IMAP Account type, then you need to enter imap mail att net in the incoming mail server, and for outgoing, you have to enter smtp mail att net
    • Now you have to type your full email address and a security password. Don’t forget to check the option of remembering passwords and required logon using secure password authentication.
  • Re-add Your Profile

To remove and re-add your SBCGlobal email account in MS Outlook, below mentioned are the steps that you can execute;

    • File>Account Settings>Manage Profile>Show Profiles>Remove. That is how you can remove your account.
    • Now you have to enter your credentials and restart the SBCGlobal email in Outlook.
  • Running Outlook in Safe Mode

Running the MS Outlook in the safe mode can help you to eliminate various small issues with the your email account. It gives a fresh restart to the application.
Here are the steps that you can follow to launch MS Outlook in the safe mode;

    • Press ‘Win + R’ for a while, a pop-up box will appear named windows run dialogue box.
    • Type ‘Outlook/Safe Mode’ then press Enter.
  • Scan Anti-Virus

Sometimes it’s just a temporary disability because of interference of anti-virus. You should always check and reactivate your anti-virus again if it’s needed.

  • Switch to Google’s DNS

The last but not the least solution that we recommend you to follow to eliminate SBCGlobal email not working with MS Outlook is to switch to Google ‘s DNS. A Google DNS is the service offered to the worldwide internet users by Google.
Let’s take a look towards the steps that you can perform to switch to Google’s DNS on your device;

    • Open ‘Network’ by clicking the ‘Network and Sharing’ center icon.
    • ‘Change Adapter’>Properties>Internet Protocol Version 4/ (TCP/IPv4)>Properties>Use the DNS server addresses.
    • Now click on OK, and you do not encounter issues with your SBCGlobal mail account in MS Outlook.

To Summarize

As demonstrated above, we have covered some solutions that you can follow to fix SBCGlobal emails not working in MS Outlook. In case, if you are still facing any issue while using your email account, then you can get in touch with SBCGlobal Email Support hotline USA: 1 844 604 3244.