Saying connected but showing on computer

I am sure this information is out there somewhere so I am sorry for asking but I need some help.  I have podcasts that I downloaded and I am trying to put them on my clip but when I connect to the computer the clip is saying connected and it is not connected in the media player so I can not sync it.  Does anyone have any help for me?  Thank you in advance.

Please tell us more to help narrow your issue down.

Is your computer running Windows XP?

If it is running XP, what Service Pack do you have?

What version of Windows Media Player do you have?

Do you see a Sansa Clip icon in my Computer?

Has the Clip ever worked on this computer?

Does the Clip connect to another computer?

Do you have another MP3 player that works on this computer?

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I checked my computer and it is not showing it as connected.  I am running Windows XP and the most recent version of the Media Player.  I do not have another MP3 player to try or another computer.  It has worked on this computer before.  If I plug in to the USB on the side of my laptop it just charges it but if I plug into the USB on the back of the computer that is when it says that it is connected.  Thank you for your help with this matter.