Saving Quicken data file in secure access

I save my Quicken files on my Cruser with secure access. I also access the data file to load into quicken on startup. I keep it on a separate drive from my application, so that even if someone opens the application, no data will be loaded. Because SA is read only it can’t open from there I have to drag the file to my desktop and open it from there. We are getting close to my question. Any one know of a workaround. I realize that the data file is sorta secure on the flash drive because there is no application to be able to open it, but lots of folks have Quicken if my drive was lost.

I use Quicken and appreciate your concern.  Quicken supports assigning a password to the data file which is what I do.  You have Quicken, you have my USB stick, got my password?  :wink:  And this way you don’t need to use the SecureAccess fault on the USB drive for it.

Thanks. Ed I will check it out.