Saving internal memory to a sd card

Can I do a backup on my MP3 music to a card? In other word would I be able to transfer my internal memory to an external memory?


i haven’t tried this yet but I think you can use Sansa like a USB stick. you can try drag and drop and see if it allows you.

Yes. In fact, this is a good idea. But you can’t directly copy the player’s internal memory to an external memory card inserted in the player’s card slot.

You can hook your player up to your computer, and copy the Music folder (or all the files within) to a specific place on your computer. You can create a new folder called “Player Back-Up”, “Music Back-Up” or something like that. Once copied, then put your memory card in a card reader and plug into a USB port and copy this new folder back to the card.

An interesting thought: to copy the files in the player’s internal memory to a meonory card inserted into the player’s card slot. But it won’t work, really? That just seems to be contrary to basic drive/memory operation, and basic copy and pasting. But I’ve never tried that.

Actually, you could probably do it with your computer as the go-between but I think it would be slower than copying to the computer, then to the card.

Ah, good to hear that the physics of file transfer haven’t changed. :wink: