Save my sansa clip!

my poor little sansa does not want to charge even when i connect it to the computer, and it doesnt turn on. It also shows a small message that there is not enough space for music MB and that i have to delete a least 30mb.  What does that mean and how can i fix it, someone please provide your wisdom to save my little one!

You have 2 issues here . . .

Several possibilities exist for the cause of not charging, etc. Could be a bad cable, a worn-out battery or simply a broken wire/connection within the Clip itself. The original Clips were known for having faulty soldering joints on the battery leads/terminals. If it’s intermittent as you say (sometimes it does turn on), that suggests to me a connection is failing to where sometimes it makes a connection and sometimes it doesn’t.

The only way to fix that is to take it apart and re-solder the bad connection. There might be enough residual solder left to where you can simply touch a small iron to the joint to melt and flow the solder back to a good connection.

As far as the “Not Enough Space for MusicDB” message, I refer you to this SanDisk Knowledgebase article, which should explain the possible reasons and solutions.