Sanza Fuze +, Firmware Update and OS 10.4

I purchased a Fuze + and I am impressed with these players overall. The touchpad takes getting used to. … The wheel was the Bomb. For the money they are about the best players going. I purchased a Fuze last year from RS and added the Service Agreement. I’m glad I did as the left channel dropped out.

I would have preferred the original Fuze; I looked for one and apparently the Shack only had the Fuze +. I’m sure the original Fuze is available but I had a credit to buy at RS.


I am using an archaic eMac with OS 10.4.11. It’s doing what I need. Actually a good computer and it has lasted me for almost nine years (knocks on head).

I am in the dark about how to do a firmware update; I have the file, but I am not sure where the root directory is, what it looks like or how I would go about the procedure.

I can supply images if needed.

Does it involve a Terminal command? Or is there a file in the FUZE + folder right in front of me that I am missing?

Also, there are skips and stutters in playing back an FM recording; I know this has been addresed in other threads. I just hope I can fix this with my old Mac.

TIA for any help you can provide.