sansDisk produce no more sansa clip zip ?

sansDisk  produce no more sansa clip zip ?

 because this player is very expensive to buy. i need him for drm 10 to hear audiobooks from

and the clip + is not a option for me i cant use him for this

Why can’t you use the Clip+?


I would like to inform you that the clip + and clip zip can play DRM 10 audibooks and have both the required mtp mode. The new clip sport does not have the required mtp mode but still you can active the player with the audible manager to sync the audiobooks there.

with the Sansa clip +before and rewind with  very long title 10 hours + takes very  long time. it takes 5 minutes or longer to start again  playing . this problem is not with the Sansa clip zip player


audiable costs 10 euros for 1 audio book per month. onleihe/de is from whole libarys of Germany and there  i can hear for 1 euro in the month  1000 + audiobooks

I hear about 100 audiobooks in the year.

 excuse for my  bad  English i am  German