SansaUpdater.exe - No Disk (error message)

I receive the following error message when I connect my Sansa Clip+ 4GB to my pc. 

“There is no disk in the drive.  Please insert a disk into drive/Device/Harddisk2/DR2”.

When I hit the cancel button it still pops up for about 6 times until it finally disappears.

Can anyone please advise on how I can get rid of this annoying message?  Thanks.

Get rid of the Sansa Updater.

I’m getting the same error message and it takes exactly 10 clicks on the cancel button to make it go away. AARRRGGHHHH!

I have deleted the updater program.  It didn’t help.

I have also tried re-installing the updater program, and when I click on the .exe file I get the same error massage and it takes the same 10 clicks to get rid of it.

Don’t know it it’s connected, but I’m also getting lots of DRM errors, mostly on Overdrive Audiobooks from the library.  Some chapters will play and others will say the license needs to be renewed on books that are still legally checked out (never mind the 30 days that Sansa says they’ll give you, but that they seldom do.)

Random “no disk” and DRM errors are a sign that there may be a glitch in the device’s file system.

If you connect the device in MSC mode, where you have direct access to the file system, you can right click on the connected device, select Properties, then the Tools Tab, then select Check Volume For Errors to repair the file system.

The same thing can be accomplished by formatting the device (in either mode) and retransferring your books and music.  Note that formatting dies erase all media from the device, so everything will have to be retransferred.

Remember, for any protected media with DRM, the Sansa has to be switched back to MTP mode,by going to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode  > MTP on the device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: