SansaFuze+ Stuck loading screen/ the Guide to Help

Some time Every sansa Device crashes or gets stuck on loading screen for hours and days

Computer Cant Connect to Sansa while loading screen stuck 

shutting off  the device for 10 secs

Reset  Device for 20 or 30 secs

 If that doesn’t work 

Try this

Connect your sansa Device to a Ps3,Xbox360, or any other that has ports for connect

The Sansa Device will connect and show Pictures/Music/Videos

for this guide you need to delete all pictures,musics,video.

when your done  deleteing  Unplug the cable cord The sansa will turn off  if it doesnt  hold the power button for 10 sec

Power up the Sansa device  and the Loading Screen will be Finish faster 

Once you  are on the menu Find setting and Format and your done

Try Asking a Friend  or family to use ps3 or xbox360 or others that connects to sansa

If this Guide Didn’t Help Contac the SanDisk.:smiley: