SansaClip Frozen on "Writing" Screen

My Sansaclip+ is frozen with the “writing” screen displayed. The power button no longer responds (I dropped it and the button is jammed in) so I can’t hold it down and shut off my player. I tried plugging my Sansaclip+ back into my computer but it still remains frozen. Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to wait until the battery runs of out of juice? 

The only way it’s going to shut off if the power button is jammed is wait until the battery dies. But the same thing is going to happen when you plug it into charge after. You’re going to have to un-jam that button somehow if you expect to continue to use the player.

Tapeworm is right, the power button, if jammed in the depressed position, will cause you nothing but grief. The button is easy to check: lightly depress the buttton and see of you can feel it move against the microswitch, and if the switch presses the button back to the rest  position.

If it’s jammed,  I have managed to get one working by opening the case and repositioning the circuit board. Was the button impacted or is it deformed where it touches against the case? In this situation, the edge can be chamfered with a little careful use of an X-acto hobby knife.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: