SansaClip+ 4gb on/off button on top right is no longer responsive!

I recently obtained a replacement SansaClip+ 4gb from the SanDisk Service Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wi.

I’ve used it without problem for about 2 months.  Yesterday the on/off button on the top right stopped working.

The unit still plays back and transfers tracks from Rhapsody without problem.  The display works fine.

I’ve charged the unit for a lengthy period of time.

Ran the Updater for this unit - nothing available.

Held the button down for one minute.  Also held it down for one minute, the pushed the Home Button.

Deleted all the tracks and reformatted.

Scanned it with my antivirus.

Nothing worked.

I assume I received a refurbished unit as my relacement and perhaps they missed something?

Unit not abused, dropped, or gotten wet.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Contact Customer Service for another replacement ?

Respectfully submitted.

Sounds like a Customer Service call is in order.

Does it also look like a mechanical issue? If that’s the case, I would inquire about the warranty here. 

I’d say call right away. Note that the warranty period is only good for the time of the 1st (original purchase). You don’t get another 1 year for the replacement. Example: Original defective unit replaced after 11 months. Replacement unit is only warrantied for 1 month.

Although, SanDisk has been known to be flexible . . . .

Thank you for the responses.  Customer Service told me it is a mechanical issue and have issued

an authorization to return for replacement.

Cool!   :slight_smile: