sansa250 /Itunes / missing song names / Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Forgive me if this is old news.  I just moved away from cds for heavan’s sakes and am using a handme down sansa 250 (I think).  I actually like it!  I use itunes to categorize my music on my desktop.  Most music was ripped from my old cds via Win Media Player.  I see it has gotten imported to itunes and that works well when listening on the pc.  I still see the original folder where I ripped the music though.  Under itunes its mp4 format and under the original its mp3.  Anyway, when I pull the mp3 (ripped from my cds) to my sansa they show up fine…I can see artist, song name, album etc. 

I got an itunes gift card and downloaded some songs.  I can see these under itunes too and it appears to copy then to the sansa but I never see them on the sansa after I disconnect the sansa from the usb port.  From some googling I think this is because itunes delivers the good in some sort of propietary format (mp4?) only to be seen by an Ipod…?  Well I am not about to go by a $200 Ipod when my handmedown $30 sansa holds about as many songs!

I used the Itunes option to burn my songs to a cd.  I DID check to include the cd text.  I now see the song but no names just track1…track2 etc etc as mp3s on my desktop. Now I find out that apple does not actually store the titles with the music but rather finds the info each time you view the song online…?  Boy does this sound like a scam!

Next I right clicked track1…and changed the names to that of the songs.  Next I again dragged the tracks to the sansa…IT STILL SAYS TRACK1…TRACK2 etc etc…it is not recognizing what I typed in once it gets to the sansa…at least it got there I guess!

Is there some way to get my downloaded itunes onto my sansa with artist/album etc etc.  In the future I will buy from amazon but I’d think there is a way to do this…no?