Sansa view will not refresh data base or recognize sdhc card on power on


I own two Sansa products a fuze plus and a view. My fuze refreshes the data base on power on and regonizes the sdhc card and allows me to play all the music on the card and internal memeory. The view which now as been returned and replaced by sansa twice does not. The cards I use are sansa 8gb sdhc. Both cards I have work fine in the sansa fuze

With the View:

I can load music on the card in the msc mode connected to my computer. When I disconnect the view from the computer the View will refresh the database. I can then play the music loaded on the card.  Everything is ok. Then I turn off the view and when I turn on unit again the View doesn’t refresh the data base and doesn’t recognize the card.

I have also reformatted the View thinking there was a corrupted file

Two incident numbers from Sansa



What am I doing wrong? It sure would be nice to use this sdhc  card feature to expand the memory on my View.

Any help will be appreciated