Sansa View & Sansa Connect

I have both a View (16G) and a Connect (4G). I CONSTANTLY have difficulties getting them to connect to computers.

It takes soooo many tries to even get a connection between either the View or Connect.

It’s not a problem with the computer, I’ve tried both my laptops and my Dad’s desktop. It’s not a problem with the cords, I have three of them. So I’m not sure what I can do.

When I do finally manage to get a connection and sync my music, there are always missing tracks or even multiples of the same song.

Help me?

Another wonderful tidbit I forgot about was that my Connect will not recognize my 16G microHD, but I will work with my 8G. The View works well with both.

Make sure that you have the player connected to a high-power USB port (usually in the back of the PC), not low-power (usually in the front).

I’ve had trouble syncing music to a 16GB microSDHC card while in it’s the Connect.  My guess is that some kind of MTP timeout error occurs when there are a lot of files in the card.

But I have no problem using a 16GB card full of music in my Connect.  I just sync it with a USB reader/writer, externally from the Connect, then plug it in.