Sansa View Rhapsody 6 Sync Problems

I’ve had a Sansa View for years that I love.  However, since Rhapsody 6, I’ve had intermittent syncing problems.

Sometimes, the player will without warning tell me I have to renew the subscription service.  So I will plug it in, it will go through the sync process, but it will not sync.  The way I’ve fixed this up until now is that I’ve reformatted and then resynced it to restore all the songs from the playlist.  Kind of a pain, but it I set it up in the evening, it usually does it thing overnight and then works fine for a couple of months until it happens again.

That was up until this last time.  I reformatted the player and plugged it in to sync, and let it go overnight.  It is going through the process, but not a single music file has been copied to the player.  It has created all of the folders, but they are all empty.

With Rhapsody 6, while syncing, it usually has two lines of text (under the progress bar) …

“Downloading: <song> (XXX%)”
“Transferring <song> to Sansa View”

… and the two processes are usually running in parallel.  However, now it only ever shows the “Downloading” text and never the “Transferring” text.

I’m hoping someone who is familiar with both Rhapsody 6 and the Sansa View might be able to help with some ideas to solve this problem.

The computer runs Windows 7.  It did download the latest update to Rhapsody 6 a couple of days ago.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Exacty the same problem - Windows 10 plus syncronizing forever without actually doing a sync :frowning:


I’ve actually contacted Rhapsody because my wife’s Cowon J3 is now doing the same thing.  Apparently there was a Microsoft update of some kind on July 22 that has caused some DRM issues for Rhapsody that they are working on.  This link did not work for me which is why they are still working on it, but maybe it will work for you.

If not, then contact Rhapsody and get them working on it.