Sansa View - playing books - doesn't retain bookmark(where I stoped listening)

Sansa View 16 GB
Version: 01.03.02A
Audiobooks 7
On the advice of tech support, I purchased my Sansa View to listen to audio books. When I’m finished listening, I either turn off the player or pause it (with no external power so it soon shuts down). When I’m ready to listen to the book again (several hours later), it remembers I’m playing a book, it remembers the book, but not where I left off. It always starts about 3:33:17 into the book. I don’t know how it saved that bookmark.
How can I get my View player to remember where I left off? This seems super basic. Right now I’m forced to keep a sticky note on my player and write down where I left off. When I start the player again, I’m forced to manually seek to where I left off. That’s too much work for something so basic.

What I have found with my e270R when I listen to audio books is choose the Play All function. If I just choose a particular disk, it happens as you say.