Sansa View freezes

Whenever I want to put something in my player (music, photos, etc) it just freezes. I already did the firmware update and it shows 01.02.09A, does anybody knows if this is the correct one? What does the “A” mean because I read in the forums that the new version is 01.02.09, I have the Sansa View 8G. It didn’t do this before, please if anybody can help me I would really appreciate it because as it stands the only thing I can do is listen to the radio. PS I am also out of warranty.

A is the region code. Different regions have different settings, I.e Europe has no FM radio fucntion things like that.

As for being out of warranty, the View was released in November 2007, so even if you bought the View the second it came out, you should still be under warranty until November of this year