Sansa View - charge, standby?

Hiya guys.

Ive got a Sansa View 8gig and having problems. At first it worked fine.

First off, it wont hold a charge, but it may have something to do with the following.

I can shut it down normal, but I cant turn it on unless I use the 16sec hold method. In order to start it up after I shut it down, I must hold the button for 16sec, then start normal. I have to do this two step process every time.

It also doesnt seem to want to hold a charge, and I assume that if I dont shut down and then hold for 16sec that it goes to standby mode and drains the battery.

Just guessing and looking for an answer to get my View back to normal.

I have the current firmware.

Thx for reading!


No problems with charge now, however still the same two step process to turn in on after use.

  1. Hold reset for 20 sec (left button up)

  2. Turn on as normal.

  3. Shut down.

Repeat to get it to turn on the next usage.

Formatted, firmware reinstalled and updated.