Sansa Updater, Version: 1.082 It Runs, Runs, Runs, Runs but never finishes. Help!!

Like the subject says; I download the updater, installed it, plugged my E250 in, and the little “S” begins to turn in my system tray but it never stops.  The player shows “writting” taking place but it never finishes writting? 

So, good people of the Sansa Community Forum, please help me find the solution to this problem.

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Same problem here too!! but you have gone one better than me, I don’t even get the message of its writing to my E250 the updater seems to keep ticking around doing nothing. Are you using windows xp with service patch 2? cos I’am… PLEASE SOME1 HELP US!!!

i got the same prob,but mines not even writing to it,just got  the connected sign

It does the same on mine but I just right-click on the little symbol and select “update now”.  It should work.

As to the “writing” on the Sansa–it seems to do that to quite a few different people an awful lot.  It seems to be a buggy feature of the e200’s.  You can search the forums about it as people have written in and it’s been discussed.  I don’t really worry about it.  Usually if I just unplug it, things run pretty normal.  Other people may have other solutions but I don’t have any.

msc mode

Don’t worry about the icon with S, it should only pop-up when there is a new firmware available.
And it should go away when you disconnect your Sansa.