sansa updater says its not available

how do i get it to work?

  1. Your device (player) must be connected to your computer first.

  2. Although theoretically, it should work in either MTP or MSC mode, it easiest to use MSC mode to prevent any connection issues.

  3. Your firewall could be preventing access to the server on the other end.

  4. The Updater will not re-install the same (or previous) version of firmware. It’s not that smart. It only looks at what is on the player currently and if there is a newer version available for download.

  5. The Updater tries to ‘phone home’ everytime you plug your player into your computer, slowing down your system and nagging you. Very few people here recommend it.

  6. It’s just as easy (and probably quicker too) to manually install or update you firmware. Easy to follow insructions are in all the firmware posts here.