Sansa Updater not compatible with Windows 8.

I get a message when starting Sansa Updater that it is not compatible with my operating system. I currently have an HP desktop with Windows 8. Media PLayer sees the device but none of the content. I tried installing the latestb updater but get the same message when it tries to start.

The Updater is antiquated and unnecessary. You can manually update the firmware on any Sansa player just as quickly, and the Updater won’t be hogging all your system’s resources everytime you plug in your player phoning home looking for an update that will never come.

Also, doing a manual Windows 8 update might help. As it may download the necessary drivers.

So are the Sansa clip plus compatible with windows 8? I have never had an mp3 player and have no idea how to use it but am wanting to purchase one for my husband. Your products have great reviews from the research i have done and want to know if I am going to be wasting my money if I buy one. I have a Gateway laptop computer with Windows 8 preloaded on it.

Yes, they’re just USB drives. They’ll work with anything that supports USB.