Sansa Updater Doesn't Download User Manual

I have a SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB using a Windows 10 operating system.

I just downloaded the firmware installer as per the directions on the SanDisk website which updated my firmware to 1.29.  During the update process, the software asked if I wanted to download the new User Manual Version 1.0.  I selected “yes” and it appeared to download.  The last window displayed was that the software downloaded the User Manual and gave me the option to Finish.  However, after the “dowload”, the software opened my Documents folder …  but, there was no User Manual there.  I manually opened my Download folder to see if it was there … it wasn’t.  Couldn’t find the User Manual anywhere on my computer.

Now,eEvery time I connect my Clip Sport to the computer, it asks if I want to download the User Manual.  The software goes through the motions; but, nothing ever seems to download.

Any thoughts?

With more searching, I finally found the downloaded user manual.  It is deep in the directory structure where I had the Sansa Updater stored on my computer.  In that directory, the is a folder called “Download” … and the user manual is there.

We can probably close this thread.  I am not sure how to do that.

You might want to remove the Updater from your computer.  The software really isn’t needed, as you can always check and acquire the latest firmware update here (and who knows if there even will be anymore)–see the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum.  You also can download the manual above.  And removing the Updater will free up some (small) computer resources, as the software, when installed, is always on.  Just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestions.