Sansa Updater Bricked 2 of my Players!!

Just wondering how many other people had their players bricked by the updater?

First I thought I was just unlucky - Called Sandisk and they RMA’d it… I am still waiting for that player to be replaced.

Went out and got another one while I was waiting (wife wanted one too so I figured I’ll just get this one now while I am waiting)

Plugged it in the USB port - the updater told me that there was a new update for the firmware, I was hesitant as it bricked the last one… so I was cautious…

Made sure nothing else was running on the computer (XPsp2) and started with the update… where you from? America… so the update started, then seemed to hang, then said some kind of

“windows semptamore timed out”

Next box says, “Update Successful”


Now it doesn’t even turn on… when I plug it in it says STMP3600 device detected and in the hardware manager in the Device manager it only recognizes it as a player recovery device class.

Well, I heard that STMP3600 is the chipset that is made by SigmaTel and its used in a few other MP3 players…

Does anyone have any more info on this type of problem? Am I alone? Can anyone tell me where to find a SigmaTel Firmware updater so I can get this bad boy running again? SigmaTel will not support this and says to go to sandisk, who will not release a SigmaTel Firmware updater ---- and the firmware updater that they do have, obviously has problems sooooooooo…

Should I just buy an ipod and get it over with? LOL

Hey, finally someone else got my problem.

Welcome to my club. It’s only you and me in it so far…

well, have you cdontacted support? you can always return back to sandisk or the store for another

Exact same scenario!! My Micro SD card stopped working so I thought I’d give the firmware update a shot. Mistake! Now won’t power on. SD card not recognized in Windows either so both are hosed!!

Thanks Sandisk!!