Sansa Updater and Vista w/ latest patches bombs out.

Hi there… after updating my computer (Vista 32-bit Ultimate) back in January with the latest Microsoft Updates, my Sansa Updater no longer functions correctly when I plug the e280 into my PC. I get a windows error dialog box that reads:

Windows - No Disk
Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x75C6023C 0x83C3A87C 0x75C6023C 0x75C6023C
Cancel – Try Again – Continue

Try again simply brings this same dialog box back up. Continue makes it go away after cycling through about 4 of these error screens, however, the Sansa Updater icon never shows in my task tray any longer, thus no longer giving me the functionality of being able to upgrade firmware or download updates.

Before, when I plugged in my device, I would get a little Sansa/Sandisk “S” that popped up on my tasktray… I would be able to click on it and see my device’s firmware level, and any updates I have waiting for me out there. It is no longer doing this, and instead popping up all these error messages now. Even after uninstalling/reinstalling the Sansa Updater software.  I have tried manually stopping/starting the sansadispatch.exe and changing its compatibility to XP SP2 as well as sansaupdater.exe… no luck on all fronts.  Each time I plug my device in, I get his with this error.

I can still view the folder structure of the e280 under Windows Explorer which means I can still copy music/video back and forth… so this is basically limited to the Updater program breaking after the Windows Updates were installed. Please let me know if any updates/patches are planned that fixes this issue.  I’ve seen several posts in this forum now that confirm that it’s limited to Vista only.

I submitted this post to Sandisk Support back in January, with basically no action taken on it.  This issue is in Sandisk’s court.  I’m hoping the community has some answers…



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For anyone experiencing this same issue, my problems have been fixed by installing Vista SP1.  After the reboot and hooking up my Sansa, everything started working again without issues.  Strange huh!  :slight_smile:

I just got a clip and just downloaded and installed the updater in Win XP Pro SP 2 and am getting a similare message:

Exception Processing Error c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c

If I hit Cancel, Try Again, or Continue the message comes up again until I just unplug my clip.

Any suggestions?