Sansa+Toshiba latop equal headache need help

im using a toshiba laptop and its not working with my sansa btw i have a Sansa e260r 4gb. its in play for sure mode. i have been looking for days on a sultion but nothing. i have tried looking everyone online for help and i have some interesting stuff that made, sense, but long story short, this laptop SUCKS. it wont even let me use a mouse, or use an ipod, its horrible, but this is the only computer i have atm. i d/led the sansa updater, and my sansa was connected it told me connect it, and then it said it no device detected. i wanna put new music on my sansa cause im tired of hearing the same ol music, lol, this is beyond irratating.  i tried going to my computer and doesnt show up on there either, my laptop keeps found new hardware windows needs to install dirvers for sansa e260r, im out of ideas, i have no idea what to do, any help is appreacited.