Sansa stopped recognizing file

Last week I uploaded 3 CDs from iTunes like I’ve done a million times before with no problem. I noticed that the CD album names were all different–even though they were part of the same series.  I deleted the files from my Fuze and I changed the album names to be identical in iTunes.  When I tried to re-upload from iTunes, however, the files aren’t transferring.

What gives?

I don’t know how you are transferring them–MSC mode drag-and-drop or MTP mode via Windows Media Player.

It’s also possible that iTunes started changing how it tags things, or that the online database iTunes uses has a human error in it. 

But first, try this: Make sure the albums aren’t on the Fuze. Then in MSC mode, go into the Fuze root directory (whatever driveletter the Fuze is on your computer) and delete mtable.sys . That’s the database, the index made from the ID3 tags. It may not be transferring because the database thinks the albums are already there. When you disconnect, it will refresh the database, and then you can try transferring again. 

Might work, might not. Let us know. 

Worked like a charm, thanks!