Sansa should be ashamed.

After trying everything I still can not get a video on my sansa fuze. This thing is the worst waste of money ever. You need to be a rocket scientest to get a video onto it. Shame on sansa for selling a product that can not be used the way they represent it. I am surely going to send a complaint to the better business bureau and consumer affairs.

Everyone’s fault but yours, right? It’s the same old story. I think your problem exists between keyboard and chair, because the rest of us usually manage to get videos on the player without fuss.

aircraft killer, It wasn’t necessary to slam ny007ny …a lot of us out here agree with the sentiment expressed by him.

The fuze is very hard to install videos on…period.

The help from Sansa on the myriad of issues with video on the Fuze is totally lacking. I myself have asked many times for a cure of the audio lag issue…only to be totally ignored. The moderators on this board are all over themselves to answer the easy questions, but refuse to address these issues. Do a search in the SMC forum to prove this.


While I’m no expert, I manage OK on computers, and loading videos on the Fuze is an exercise in exasperation. I have mastered youtube videos, but other than that, maybe 45% of videos I try to load into the Fuze hose up without converting or seem to load, but are not there. The ones that do load, have the audio lag. That translates to a 100% failure rate! A JOKE!!!

Watch this post, you’ll see…nothing will come of it.

Hard? Okay… I’ve transferred over 200 videos to my Fuze and haven’t had issues with any of them, save for a single file that was transferred incorrectly - 199 out of 200 works for me. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.

Read  my last post again! I have almost the same number of music videos on mine. So all your arrogant disrespectful answers are based on you loading music videos ha ha ha! ROFL ha ha!

And I did go and read a few of your past posts, most are VERY  disrespectful of others with issues.

Uh, where’d I mention music videos? I said I put “videos” on my device. I have 74 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the entire second season of The Boondocks on separate mSD cards with no “audio lag” or issues converting. Like I said, you’re doing something wrong.

The only way I’ve converted videos (like movies)to my Fuze is using another converter first.  I found anydvdconverter works for me. Then I use SMC.  There’s no time wasted because while they’re converting, I’m doing other things on my computer.

Yes there is some audio lag, but that would happen with other products too.  My coworker has an ipod, uses anydvdconverter to convert them specifically for ipod and there’s an audio/video lag.  She thought the ones I converted to avi worked better then her:smileyvery-happy:

This is the only way I found it can work.  There are other video converters, but since this one worked for me and not a free one mentioned on these boards, I didn’t look at others.