Sansa "Sessions" question

As a new owner of a Fuze (after several successful years being an E200R fan) I am in the process of getting my Sansa Sessions MicroSD card.  While I find this offer intriguing, I have a question.  Is the “Sessions” content protected.  I currently use an 8GB SDHC Micro card in my player, and the thought of having to swap out MicroSD cards is frightening at best…(ever lose a contact lens, if so, you know what I mean…)  These Micro cards are just SOOO small, I would rather just buy one and keep it in the player. 

It would be nice if the sessions music could be moved to main internal memory, or to another Micro SD card.  But if not, I don’t think I’ll be giving the Sessions content much play…unless of course those 55 tracks are sent on an 8GB card…not likely…

Thanks in advance.

Interesting question, whether the songs are protected media (wma).

On the second thought, the µSD card isn’t a large capacity, as the main point of the promotion is the music itself, plus being able to try out the expansion port.

Bob  :wink:

I don’t think the sessions content is protected because they were encoded as mp3s.  

Well only one way to find out I guess.

When I receive mine in the mail I’ll try to copy the music over to my 8GB external card and see what happens.  Not sure when I’ll get it though, might be a couple of weeks.

yea they shouldn’t be protected. their all mp3 formats.