sansa sandisk

Is there anyone having problems with their Sansa Sandisk.


I received it for a father day gift with a few  songs on it. 


Just recently I thought I would download some additional favorite songs to my Sansa SanDisk for future listening.  


I had connected it to my usb-port to process and download some additional music and now it seems to be in a lock mode.


The battery is fully charged but there is no reaction from SanDisk. Is there anyway to reset it? Anyone know how to reset it?




What model player is it? Then post is the appropriate board so that other users of the same unit will be able to help you. This is the ANNOUNCEMENTS board, and your question quite frankly, isn’t one.

If it’s an e200 series, you can try a “soft reset” by holding down the power button for 15-20 seconds until it turns off. Then re-start as usual. Sometimes these players get a little gas & you’ve got to “burp the baby!” :smiley: