Sansa sandisc pink 2gb clip

Having problems with my clip won’t turn. When plugged into charger just says refresh database with a black loading bar. And when plugged into my computer it shows that it is fully charged and goes back and forth between writing and connected screams and some times the arrows freeze as for on the computer it’s self it won’t register on my windows media player. It shows up on my control panel but has a yellow triangle with an ! In it for trouble shoot which fixes nothing when I click on it so I uninstalled it from my computer and now it won’t reinstall. Please help

Maybe your computer doesn’t like pink.

Try a different cord. Any miniUSB cord will do.

Also, if you haven’t already, try holding down the power buttton for 15 seconds after the Clip turns off.

Then open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer), connect the USB to the computer,  and hold down the << button on the Clip as you connect the cord to the Clip.