Sansa Player acting strangely

It started with my player appearing to crash/restart upon trying to access any of the music menus, like play all or trying to view the list of songs/albums/artists.  It would still play music and start up just fine however.  I figured I would try formatting the player and see if that fixed it.  After plugging my player in, it went through the start up process, but after displaying the sansa logo, it appeared to crash, and then restart again, displaying the sansa logo again, and then freezing, forcing me to reset the player.  When I unplugged the player and turned it on again, a similar thing happened.  It displayed the sansa logo, says “refreshing your media”, then appears to crash and restart, displays the sansa logo, displays “refreshing your media”, then freezes when that had finished. 

The player would charge when plugged in, but the computer does not recognize that it is connected, so I cant actually do anything with it.  I have tried using different USB ports, different cables, and different computers, all have the same result.

Might want to return it for another one.

any idea how i might do that?  It was given to me as a christmas present from my dad, ordered online via amazon. 

Contact SanDisk directly

Amazon also makes it easy to return even gifts, although you now are outside of the return period, unfortunately . . . .