Sansa Overfilled with Music

I had loaded my Sansa selectively from my PC’s music library.  I believe that when I subsequently connected the Sansa to my PC to power charge it that it tried to sync with my PC’s music library which exceeds the Sansa’s memory capacity. I now get the message “Not enought room for Music DB. Please free 90MB.”  I can sometimes see the Sansa in the Windows File Explorer when it is connected to my PC but can’t access the Music folder.  I just get a spinning hourglass and Explorer locks up.  I can sometimes access Sansa’s Music folder when it is disconnected from the PC by clicking buttons when I get the warning.  At times this results in the Sansa refreshing its media before giving me access.  However when I attempt to delete files they don’t really seem to get deleted.  Any ideas? Thanks!


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This is (or was on the older players) a common error msg. Funny thing is, it doesn’t always (rarely, in fact) mean what it says. Click the link below to see all the discussions on it and the fix (in most cases) . . .


Thanks for link.  I think in my case my Sansa was actually full since it reported 0 bytes available in System Settings/Info.  I tried the fixes suggested in the Sandisk notes and forum discussions to no avail.  I could never get my PC to show the Sansa file structure or even reformat the unit. Trying just hung the Explorer program.   I eventually found that the Sansa can actually reformat itself under System Settings/Format. So I did that and cleared out my 1400+ tunes.  I’ll try to avoid overfilling the Sansa in the future by putting all my music on a 32GB microSDHC chip instead of the internal memory.  The 2000 file limit should keep me from overfilling it :o).