Sansa + overcharged?

ok i letted my Sansa Plus charge all day since it needed charging but now everytime i turn it on,it does nothing even when i plug it in,it does the usb sound on my computer but soon it does the usb disable sound and while so it continues to not turn on

If the built-in charging circuit is working properly, it’s not possible to overcharge it. It may just need a reset. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds, release, and then try to turn it on normally.

i tryed it, so far nothing is showing up

The Fuze+ has a nominal delay before powering up (Freescale platform).  Perform the soft reset by holding the power button depressed for 30 seconds, then release.

Then try powering up as usual.

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i done that so far and its the same result, its been like this for  3 days now

Start with the Fuze+ OFF, press and hold the volume Down button while connecting teh USB cable to your PC.  It should, hopefully, establish a basic MSC connection, where the device is seen as a flash drive.

Will it respond when connected this way?

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yes it works its now on :smiley:

I tried to reset both ways and neither worked.  Help!!!:angry:

I have seen the Fuze+ totally freeze up, and resume normal operation after connection and a bit of charging.  This can happen if the device rests for a while at the critically low charge level.  If you get the normal “rolling” charge icon upon connection to the computer, it has come back to life.

Unlike the Clip / Clip+ / earlier Fuze / e200v2, the Fuze+ uses the Freescale processsor.  One ofthe subtle differences between the two families it that the screen can sometimes take a few minutes to respond and light up.

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