Sansa Media Converter won't convert

I installed Sansa Media Converter and used drag and drop to pull an mp4 file into it.  It will play the file, gives the option to “delete” it, but the convert button is grayed out and won’t do anything.  What am I missing?


A supported Sansa device needs to be connected to the PC where the software is installed.  The manual claims that you can convert  without the device attached, but I don’t believe it to be true.   Oh, also make sure your device supports video playback.

I think you are right.  When I connected my player, I could then convert the files.  Thank you for replying.  I have now asked 2 simple questions of this forum and had to find the answer to the first one myself and had another newbie answer this one for me.  Seems a strange way for a forum to operate, but oh well.