Sansa Media Converter won't 'convert'

When I load a video for conversion, I only have the ‘Add’ and ‘Delete’ buttons enabled on the converter. The ‘Convert’ button never appears to do anything.

I also have a triangle with an exclamation mark on the left where I thought my Sansa View would be listed.

The device is definately online with the computer (my ‘G’ drive) and everything else works.

Any thoughts?

Under the triangle with the exclamation mark, does it say that your “total available space is 0.0”  ?

As I have yet to put anything on it, I find it interesting that I no longer have any space.

I am (obviously) having the same issue, however I have unfortunately yet to find a solution.

Also interested in responses.


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Dude, I nailed it. I initially (separate Post) had a problem where I couldn’t even get the device to connect (had to switch to MCS mode instead of the default MTP). Once I did that I got into the habit of using that mode and I couldn’t get the Media Converter to work at all. One time I got lazy and just plugged the View into the PC and it loaded it with MTP mode and brought up the option to display the Media Converter…Low and Behold I could actually do a Convert this time. End result, I don’t think ‘Convert’ works in MCS mode…

That’s great!

Just one question from the technologically challenged…

What’s MCS and MTP mode?

The same problem with software in the box (Rhapsody bestbuy and sansa converter). It doesn’t work.

After trying with these bad programs in the CD, I downloaded from (more than 87 Gb) but this works perfect.

I use ONLY MSC mode. Works ok, but still have off and on problems.

It should work in either mode. If you’re having problems try the newest version as gabher says.